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The Art of the Concert Spiritual has a number of upcoming and ongoing projects or events scheduled. Some are listed below.

So You Want to Sing Spirituals and Recorded Solo Concert Spirituals, 1916-2022 Events

Upcoming Projects/Events

Activities related to the published book, So You Want to Sing Spirituals, and the soon-to-be-published book, Recorded Solo Concert Spirituals, 1916-2022, are regularly being scheduled. More information is available at http://randyejones.com/events/

Ongoing Projects/Events

ANS Lectures on SlideShare

Some of the lectures soprano and researcher Randye Jones has presented have been become available to view or download on SlideShare. They are:

A Century of Negro Spirituals for Solo Voice from Randye Jones

Interpreting Negro Spiritual Art Songs from Randye Jones

Great Voices Singing H. T. Burleigh from Randye Jones

The Role of the Spiritual in the Civil Rights Movement from Randye Jones

Randye Lecturing about and Singing Spirituals

If you have questions or comments about The Art of the Concert Spiritual, please contact Randye Jones at projects@artoftheconcertspiritual.com. Thanks for visiting!